How to use our translation service?

How to get a document translated?

In today’s global economy, international business is more important than ever. For many companies, multi-lingual representation is key to success, in order to communicate with clients, customers and colleagues effectively in their mother tongue, and to provide them with accurate translations of websites and business documentation. 

The Marlow Language Centre, based in Buckinghamshire near London, offers a translation service for a variety of linguistic needs, from legal document translations, certified translations, and website translations to interpreting and many more. We have an experienced team of in-house and remotely-based translators.

How to enquire about document translation?

To get your documents translated, we need to see the document. You can either give us a call, email us with an attached document (word or pdf), scan, a photograph or bring the document to our Centre in person. We will ask you a few questions, such as why you need the translation so that we can give you the correct advice. 

How is the translation priced?

We price the translation according to the word count and some other aspects such as technicality. We have set translation rates from English into a host of languages or vice versa (e.g French into English or English into French) which are priced per 1000 words. More technical translations, e.g. medical documents or some legal document translations have a higher rate as expert translators will have to translate the documents. 

An additional charge for certifications may apply.  

What is a certified translation? 

A certified translation is a translation that has been seen and certified by a solicitor. Therefore, it can be used for legal purposes such as applying for a passport, citizenship or other reasons for official document translations.

How long until I have the translation?

The turnaround time is dependent on the type of translation, its technicality and the translator’s availability. We always strive to deliver your translation within the shortest period possible, however, we do not rush translations as the quality and precision shouldn’t be neglected. 

We will tell you the possible processing time in your quote which you can accept or decline. 

How do we deliver the translation?

We can deliver the translation depending on your preference. We can email you your documents, post them to you or you can have the option of collecting them from our Centre here in Marlow. Unlike many other translation services, we will provide personal service whereby you can speak to our translation department if needed.

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