Homeowners abroad

What are you looking to achieve by studying with us?

We’ve got solutions for your peace of mind, and we can provide you with practical steps so that you can get by, speak to the locals in their own language, make friends, understand the culture, integrate well, enjoy your new life or holiday, and be considered a member of the community in your foreign land.

“There is nothing more satisfying than not having to rely on interpreters. I now feel better informed about the language and culture, and most importantly, I can speak confidently, which was my goal.”

What we can help you do

Our one-to-one bespoke language courses will help you hold a conversation with your local builders, decorators, plumbers, electricians, bank managers, neighbours, gardeners, people who look after your house when you’re not around.

Our cultural awareness courses will give you tips on how to successfully manage sociocultural situations in your new life abroad.

Our translation services can make sure any relevant documentation you need is translated by our qualified and experienced translators:

  • Legal fees
  • Estate agent contracts
  • Bank accounts and transactions
  • Insurance
  • Water and electricity bills

What it’s like studying with us

  • It’s fun and rewarding!
  • Qualified and experienced native speakers
  • Flexible courses
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Free parking for clients and students