About Marlow Translations

The translations team is headed by Howard Eeles, co-founder and managing director. After obtaining a degree in physics in 1972, Howard spent 20 years in industry and commerce working closely with companies in France, Germany, Italy and Spain and gradually became more and more fascinated with languages. For nearly 30 years Howard has personally overseen the translations division of the Marlow Language Centre.

Howard Eeles – bio

Howard Eeles, BSc Hons, TEFL, Managing Director

Hi. My name is Howard and I have a degree in physics and I am also a qualified English teacher. I first became involved with translation work when I was employed by Siemens AG in Munich in the early 1970s and spent much of my time translating German technical specifications and product literature. Once my initial translations had been vetted by Siemens technicians and the final English texts authorised, I then produced English voiceovers for the original German product videos, which I personally moderated and which were then distributed to all of the Siemens offices throughout the English-speaking world. A truly wonderful way to learn the craft of translating and good English diction!

1975 – Joined the family textile business

After leaving Siemens in 1975, I changed industries and joined my father in a family textile business and spent 15 years working with some of the top fashion brands in France including JIL, La Chemise Lacoste, Le Bourget, Valisère, Maxim’s and Pierre Cardin. Apart from working in France, I also collaborated with suppliers such as Salvador Dali in Spain and Portugal, the swimwear brand Elfi in Germany and Bishop Belts in Italy, with much of my brief involving the “adaptation” of sales and marketing texts in the various foreign languages to make them more appropriate for the UK market. As a result I had the unique opportunity of bringing translations to life in an everyday context!

1988 – Founded The Marlow Language Centre

In July 1988 I sold the family textile business and together with my late wife set up The Marlow Language Centre. Thanks to a lifetime dealing with scientists, technicians, marketing specialists, sales professionals, lawyers, accountants and management consultants throughout Europe, I have not only developed significant language skills in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, but have also been involved in the co-editing of the English versions of Arabic and Serbian reference books. Since I have been translating for some 40 years, I have built up a worldwide network of like-minded translation professionals to help support our much-valued translation customers.