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Meet the teachers: Dan

As a teacher, I aim to put your unique learning style at the heart of your lesson. Tailored to your needs and requirements, my lessons are fun, informative and always delivered with you in mind. Life’s full of little adventures and I’ve been lucky enough to have had my fair share. Travelling for work and pleasure, meeting new people, and expanding my horizons in ways I never imagined possible have all been enhanced by my passion for learning languages. Having studied Chinese since 2012 and Swedish since 2021, I know exactly how it feels to be in your position! Seeking to reinvent myself after 5 years working in customer services for the car industry, I finally took the step of learning a language and completed a degree in Chinese and International Relations in 2017. This ultimately led to a role in a British subsidiary of a Chinese e-commerce company as part of its senior management team. Regularly asked to teach English to colleagues and collaborate with them on marketing and product development projects, I realised that teaching full-time was my one and true passion in life. So whether it's business English, English for use in your everyday life or help preparing for your IELTS exam then I’m ready to start when you are!

Meet the teachers: Fiona

Following a career teaching business and finance in both schools and the adult education sector, I spent some time in marketing for a major British computer company. I joined the MLC in 2012, having previously been a student there, studying Spanish. My daughter lives in Paris so I’m brushing up my French skills these days. In my free time, I have a love/hate relationship with golf but my very favourite thing is going on a Parisian carousel.

Meet the teachers: Lucy

I have always loved studying English and pondered the idea of teaching many times. It was during a year abroad in 2019 that I thought more seriously about it, especially after meeting so many people from different countries – some of whom often asked me for help with their English!

Every student has a different reason for learning. I have so enjoyed helping students develop their skills in English, whether it be for work, travel, studies, or simply an interest in learning a new language – and I look forward to helping you too!

I love countryside views, going for walks, baking cakes, having dinner with family and friends, travelling, and Spain! I love Spain, particularly the region of Andalucia, and I hope – one day – to be a confident Spanish speaker too.

I joined the Marlow Language Centre in autumn 2023 after being a teacher for two years and the decision to teach English is one of the best I’ve ever made!