How quickly can I become fluent?

Students who come to us as complete beginners can expect to achieve a good degree of fluency after around 80/100 hours on a 1-to-1 basis. Students studying more complex languages such as Japanese, Mandarin or Arabic may require more time.

When can I start a course?

1-to-1 courses can be started at any time throughout the year. Group courses run in conjunction with the school terms and can enrol at the beginning of each term i.e. September, January and April. If you aren’t a complete beginner, you can join groups during term times as well. 

How often do classes run?

Students who come for classes on a 1-to-1 basis are free to choose from as many classes per week as they like. Most students tend to come for 1 or 2 x 60 or 90-minute classes per week. Students who come on a group basis have 1 x 90-minute class per week during term time.

How long is each class?

Class duration for adults varies from 60 or 90 to 120-minutes. 1-to-1 students are free to choose the length of their lessons. Most students prefer 60-minute lessons. However, students who consider themselves good linguists tend to choose 90 or 120-minute classes. Group classes are always 90 minutes in length. Children’s classes (from 4 to 11 years) range from 30 to 45 minutes in length.

Do I have to come at a fixed time every week?

Students who come on a 1-to-1 basis are free to choose the days and times of their lessons. 1-to-1 students are not required to come at a fixed time each week. Students who come on a group basis have to attend lessons on the same day & time each week.

Which language will be best for me?

Choosing your language is a very personal decision. Our most popular language courses tend to be French, Spanish & Italian. These languages are not as difficult to learn as Japanese, Mandarin or Arabic, and as such progress is quicker. If you have some previous knowledge of a language then this obviously makes the learning process much easier.

Do I have to take an exam?

It is not mandatory to take an exam during your course and the vast majority of our students come to learn a language for pleasure. Those students who feel that they study best when working towards a goal may benefit from preparing for an exam. There is a wide range of national and international examinations that students can be prepared for at the centre such as GCSE, A-Level, DELF/DALF.
Please contact us for more information.

How much homework will I have to do?

In order to make the very most of your course, we strongly recommend that you complete the homework set by your teacher. It is in your best interest to revise and practise what has been covered during your lessons so that you can make progress. We understand that you might not always find time to do this, and rest assured that your teacher will not tell you off! All we ask is that students put a minimum of one hour aside each week to memorise vocabulary, practise grammar rules, read and listen to dialogues.

Am I too old to learn a language?

You are never too old to learn a language and age certainly is no barrier. The learning process may take you longer but it is healthy and it is important to work out what the best learning style is for you as an individual. We’ve had students as old as 92 studying with us.

I was bad at languages at school, will I be able to learn a language now?

Many of our students are quite surprised at just how different learning a language at The Marlow Language Centre is in comparison to their experiences at school. Our teachers always prepare interesting and fun lessons for students to ensure lessons have a fresh feel. Language learning has developed over the past 20 years and the methods our teachers use guarantee progress. Whether or not you are a good linguist, you can make some good progress through your course if you practise on a regular basis.

From what age should my child start learning a language?

We accept students from the age of 4 as we feel that this is the perfect age for children to start learning a language as they are particularly receptive to foreign languages. Our kids’ courses focus on building vocabulary and recognising sounds by using a variety of fun, interactive and creative activities such as games, songs, drawing, colouring, etc.

Can I take classes at home?

As a general rule, we don’t send our teachers to students’ homes as we feel there are many distractions that may not always be conducive to a good learning environment and full concentration. Students who have classes at our centre tend to focus more as they have made a commitment to use that time to learn the language.

What is the latest time I can have classes in the evening?

Students can take classes from 07:30 in the morning. The Marlow Language Centre shuts at 20:00. The latest possible time that you can schedule a lesson is 19:00 – 20:00.

What can I expect to learn from a 24-hour 1- to-1 course?

We recommend a minimum of 24 hours of tuition for students to make some real progress with the language. Students who come to us as complete beginners can expect to be able to carry out a simple conversation in touristic situations, talk about themselves, get to know other people, etc. Students who are gifted linguists may be able to achieve more than this.

What can I expect during a lesson?

Your class will contain a blend of conversation, grammar, reading and listening comprehension activities. The course will be structured around a course textbook, however, your teacher will not religiously follow this textbook page by page. Your teacher will select sections from the book that they feel will be relevant to you. Your teacher will also use their own personal materials and use articles taken from newspapers/magazines and the internet.

Can I learn more than one language at once?

Learning a foreign language is a challenge and we recommend that students concentrate all their efforts on just one language.

How much will it cost?

Prices can vary between £12 – £45 + VAT per hour depending on the type of language and tuition type (1 to 1, tutorial, Group, GCSE, A level, Children’s classes). Course costs range from £252 – £4320 depending on course length and tuition type.

How can I be sure that the Marlow Language Centre’s methods will work for me?

We have over 30 years’ experience teaching students of differing levels who’ve wanted to learn foreign languages for varying reasons. The experience we have built up means that regardless of the ability of our students we know exactly which teaching approach will best suit them ensuring they achieve the results they want!