Courses for young people

Coaching for schoolchildren and young people. We can organise language tuition in small groups or one-to-one for children and young people who perhaps somehow don’t get on very well with their schoolteacher or could benefit in any way from extra help and a confidence boost to supplement their school lessons and help them get good grades at GCSE, A level, or whichever exams they’re preparing for.

A sympathetic voice and ear, and a teacher who explains things in a different way, can make all the difference to a young person’s success in learning a foreign language. More than this: any investment you make in private language tuition for your children can also help them indirectly with their other subjects, because it restores their confidence and frees up homework time.

Language tuition for children aged 4 to 11

Your child can have fun learning a foreign language with us. We encourage children to take part in activities such as songs, games, and arts and crafts. These activities help children build their vocabulary and learn about native culture.

Our teachers are native speakers and they speak exclusively the foreign language in the classroom. This way the children are immersed in the sounds of the language and they learn to repeat words and phrases properly.

We offer two options:

  • One-to-one lessons – your child learns at his or her own individual pace.
  • Small group lessons (with no more than five participants). Classes are held after school on weekdays, and on Saturday mornings.

One-to-one coaching for exams

Our teachers focus on those linguistic areas where our students need most help – whether these be the receptive skills (reading and listening comprehension) or the productive skills (speaking and writing). The first lesson takes the form of an assessment session, and enables our teachers to identify any gaps in their students’ knowledge. After this, the course will concentrate on helping students reinforce their understanding of the language while giving them everything they need to beat exam stress and improve their grades.

Exam technique and revision strategy

The key to success is not only linguistic knowledge. We also help with revision strategies and ways of mastering exam technique, helping students to answer exam questions clearly and concisely.

Successes to date

We have successfully prepared students for Common Entrance and scholarship examinations to top UK independent colleges such as Eton College, Marlborough College, Oundle School, Radley College, Rugby School, The Cheltenham Ladies’ College, St Edward’s School Oxford, Wellington College, and Wycombe Abbey.