Summer intensive group


Every year, during the months of July and August, the MLC Family welcomes new students from all over the world for a fun and interactive intensive course, where teenagers and young adults, aged 13 and above, gather at the Centre to, not only improve their English, but to, also, meet new cultures!

Our teacher Daniel teaching the Mini Group in 2023

Our Mini-group Intensive English Courses consist of 20 hours of tuition per week (09:00 – 13:00 Monday to Friday).

This General English Course is designed to give students a solid foundation and improvement of their English language skills, containing:

Here, at the Marlow Language Centre, we believe in giving our students individual attention and a personal touch. That is why we work in small groups with a maximum of 8 students. In this informal and fun atmosphere, we give our students the chance to interact with others, whilst at the same time providing top-quality English tuition, from dedicated, experienced and qualified English teachers.

Your progress is important to us, and we make sure you enjoy the ride that is learning a new language and becoming bilingual!


Week 101 Jul - 07 Jul 202408 Jul - 12 Jul 202422 Jul - 26 Jul 202405 Aug - 09 Aug 2024
Week 2NA15 Jul - 19 Jul 202429 Jul - 02 Aug 2024 12 Aug - 16 Aug 2-24
WeekdaysMon - FriMon - FriMon - FriMon - Fri
Course length20 hours
per week
20 hours
per week
20 hours
per week
20 hours
per week

Course costs

The cost of the Mini Group Intensive English tuition is as follows (Prices are per person). All prices below are inclusive of course materials.

Number of weeksTotal hoursCosts
exempt of VAT
on tuition fees
1 week20 hours£290-
2 weeks40 hours£550-
3 weeks60 hours£810-
4 weeks80 hours£96610% discount
5 weeks100 hours£116812.5% discount
6 weeks120 hours£135615% discount


Our enrolment process is very simple! All our students have to do is complete a student form and a short multiple-choice level test (via email). Occasionally, we may also organise an informal chat via Zoom to determine their speaking skills. We can then confirm which level will be appropriate and give more information about the payment/enrolment process. 

Additional 1-to-1

When taken in conjunction with Group classes 1 to 1 (Private) lessons are charged at the rate of £30 per hour (usually £40 per/hr). 1-to-1 sessions can be taken at times to suit students.

5 hours£150-
7.5 hours£225-
10 hours£300-
15 hours£450-
25 hours£67510% discount

Meet the teacher: Dan

Nothing quite beats the feeling of learning something in class and then being able to practise using it the moment you step out into the world. Vocabulary, new grammar structures and even idioms just make more sense when you can try using them with native speakers in a natural environment. Learning about the local culture and customs, and understanding how and why language is used the way it is feel enhanced by living it in context.

Some of my best memories are from the time I studied abroad. The year was 2015 and I was living in Qingdao, China trying to make use of all the Mandarin I had learnt in the previous two years, sometimes with hilarious results! Yet, after adjusting to my new surroundings, I realised that I was finally starting to use some of the things I had learnt at the very beginning, all without realising I was doing so. I finally had the opportunity to order food, navigate public transport, introduce myself to new people and so much more. Progressing and developing fluency in a native environment.

Since then, I have been a passionate believer in the power of immersive learning abroad. After all, not only can I now speak another language, I had the opportunity to make life-long friendships, and forge memories that I still cherish to this day.