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Top ten frequently asked questions about language learning

Our primer on learning a language!

Learning a foreign language at the Marlow Language Centre is a fantastic opportunity. However, people often have many questions about the process, and it’s safe to say in our 30 years providing bespoke tuition, we have heard them all! Read on for our top 10 frequently asked questions about learning a language.

1. Which language should I learn?

This is a question that only you can truly answer. Here at The Marlow Language Centre we teach in over 50 foreign languages from German to Japanese, and have met students learning for all different reasons. European languages like French and Italian are hugely popular for holiday-makers, or you may want to learn something like Mandarin for business purposes. It is really up to you, but if you aren’t sure, make sure to visit our languages page for more info on the different languages we offer or contact our team of specialists!

2. What if I don’t ‘get’ languages?

In 30 years of teaching, we have learned that there is no student the same. We have had language learners from all walks of life with all different experience levels, and there is no one we have been unable to help. If you don’t think you ‘get’ languages, that is a myth we are on hand to dispel!

3. Am I the right age?

We have had students from 4 to 94 at the MLC. Age is no barrier to learning a new language, and it is extremely healthy and beneficial to learn a language at any point in your life.

4. What kind of course is right for me?

We offer both group and private courses at the Marlow Language Centre. Private (1-1) lessons allow you to receive bespoke, specialised tuition according to your own needs and ability, as well as your timetable, whereas group lessons allow you to meet other students and receive a collaborative learning experience. We also offer ‘Tutorial’, 2-1 classes for pairs to learn a language together. Everyone likes something different! Watch this space for an upcoming article about the difference between 1-1 and group tuition, and in the meantime read our article about what makes MLC group classes so special!

5. What if I want to pass an exam?

Our teachers are familiar with all the major examinations and qualifications available in their language. So if you want to study specifically to pass a certain exam, whether it is the Chinese HSK or the IELTS, let us know and we can help!

6. I didn’t enjoy languages at school. Will I enjoy it now?

One of our main aims at the MLC is to break away from the traditional classroom experience. Our teachers and staff aim to make your lessons as personalised, enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We are always taking feedback and ensuring that your language learning experience is two way; you receive the best quality tuition and we do all we can to accommodate for your preferences.

7. What if I don’t have enough time?

Language learning doesn’t have to be a rigid process. The regularity of weekly classes is something many people appreciate, but our 1 – 1 courses are entirely flexible to your own timetable, and can be rearranged at no cost provided we are given 24hrs notice. If you prefer longer lessons less frequently, or short lessons every day, we can help! In addition, our teachers will always make sure you have revision materials and work to do outside of classes to keep you in the zone.

8. Is it expensive?

We provide different course lengths, formats and structures for any budget. Priced very competitively, they allow us to provide the highest quality language learning experience at our centre at the best value for you. For more info on our prices, check out our pricing page.

9. Can’t I just use apps like Duolingo or services like Rosetta Stone?

We love language learning apps and tools at the MLC! However, as users of these will know, there is no substitute for face-to-face learning. While apps are fantastic at reinforcing vocabulary, the personalised tuition provided by a native speaker is invaluable, and better helps reinforce your learning. This is because it helps your brain form more absolute connections between words and experiences. For more info, check out our article on face-to-face learning.

10. Why The Marlow Language Centre?

With over 30 years’ experience in providing high quality language tuition in a wide variety of formats, our language learning specialists are always on hand to help with all your language learning needs. With native speaking teachers providing bespoke tuition at our training centre in the heart of Buckinghamshire, there is no better place to start your language learning journey than the Marlow Language Centre. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials for what our students have to say.