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Comparing courses: 1-1 vs group tuition

One of the best parts of learning a language at The Marlow Language Centre is the variety of course options we have to suit every kind of language learner. We have recently been asked some questions about the differences between our two main kinds of course; 1-1 (private) classes, and group classes. Read on to find out more!

1 – 1

1 – 1 classes are our mainstay here at the MLC. Lessons take place with just yourself and the teacher, and take place for as long as you like at a regularity of your choosing. Many students like to have a single class of 90 minutes once a week, but you could come for 2 hours every fortnight, or even choose one of our intensive options to do multiple hours every day! It is entirely up to you and your own schedule. In addition, they are entirely personalised towards your own language learning needs. Our teachers are capable of specialising their teaching towards what you specifically want to work on and need to improve upon in your language learning journey. That could be specific speaking practice, grammar revision or professional/business language learning. In addition, if you want to pass a specific exam, our 1-1 courses allow our teacher to focus your classes towards this purpose, incorporating exam technique and requirements. Following a 1-hour assessment class at which you will be able to meet one of our great teachers and try out a real class, we can discuss with you our bespoke recommendations for continuing your tuition, including course structure, textbook/s and length.


Group classes are great if you want to learn a language with other people. While they are more structured than 1 – 1 classes, with one class of 90 minutes every week for a term, they allow you to meet like-minded language learners and learn collaboratively. We operate mini-groups of 3 – 8 students which is the perfect size for everyone to make progress together. Our group classes are run at set levels including beginner, false beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced/conversation, and with multiple classes in a wide variety of languages happening every week we are sure to be able to fit you in. Additionally, if a course is already underway and you would like to sign up, you are able to trial a 90-minute lesson for free before you decide whether you want to continue for the rest of the term! This combined with our extremely competitive group pricing structure makes it a great opportunity. To read more about what makes MLC groups so special, read our article!

Other course options

In addition to the above options, the Marlow Language Centre also offers our unique ‘Tutorial’ classes. These are specifically designed for two students learning together; such as you and a loved one or friend. These offer the same flexibility as 1 – 1 classes but also work in the shared elements of a group class.   Whatever way you want to learn a language, the Marlow Language Centre can help. For more information on what we offer, visit our course options page, and to book in your trial class and kick start your language learning journey, make sure to contact us.