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Online tuition at The Marlow Language Centre

Communication is a key element of our lives, especially in these difficult times.

Why should I learn a language now?

As important it is to stay informed during this time by reading and listening to the news, we want to guarantee that you are able to maintain some normality. Language learning is not only a great skill you can gain while having more time on your hand since social distancing has come into effect. It can also help your mental health and can work as a form of escapism. It is important to distress to maintain physical and mental health. A 60- or 90-minute language lesson will take your mind off the current problems. ‘Only through communication can human life hold meaning’ – Paulo Freire

How can I enquire?

You’re still able to enquire by calling our office or by sending us a message. We can give you a free initial consultation over the phone and recommend the most appropriate course for you. Once you decide which way to go, you’ll have a FREE 30 minute trial class with one of our teachers via your preferred online call application (SKYPE, FaceTime or ZOOM). After the trial session, we can discuss any further queries and you’ll be able to start your language learning journey. Find more information in our other blog post about our online tuition.

Thank you to our teachers and students

In these unsettling times, we need to support one another. We are very grateful that our students accommodated the sudden change to support our business. Our teachers are working particularly hard to make sure private and group tuition is smoothly moved to online video calls. Thank you!

Keep in touch

It is important to keep in touch during these times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d also like to see some pictures, videos or feedback from you. Where is your quiet corner at home to study? How are you keeping yourself entertained? Send us pictures or tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can all stay connected! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please continue to follow NHS advice.