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Exam preparation
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The past two years have not been easy for students. Disruption to school life and an extended period of online learning has undoubtedly presented challenges for many students but we’re continuing to work hard reassuring and building the confidence of future GCSE and A-level candidates.

We offer bespoke coaching courses (1-to-1 or in groups) for students preparing for GCSE or A-level foreign language examinations in various languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian and others. 

Below you’ll find some useful info about the courses and options on offer. 

You can choose between two options: 1-to-1 or group tuition in all languages.


Our one-to-one GCSE and A level prep courses are very flexible.
You can decide when you want to start your course and choose the days and times of your classes within our teaching hours (Mon-Fri 7.30-20.00 & Sat 9.00-14.00). You can either book a regular slot on your preferred day and time on a weekly basis or if a regular class is difficult to fit into your schedule, you can schedule classes ad hoc whenever convenient for you. Classes are available face-to-face and online.

We create a tailor-made course to your specific requirements.
If you need to focus on a particular element of the exam, whether it be listening, speaking or writing, we’ll build your confidence in the relevant areas.

Our teachers make it fun!
We have a team of professional and friendly native teachers, all of whom have vast experience preparing students for GCSE and A level examinations. Their main objective is for their students to obtain the best possible grade whilst ensuring that the learning process is fun!

GCSE & A-level pricing for 1-to-1 tuition

6 hours (half term)-£252.00-
12 hours (full term)5.0%£478.80£25.20
24 hours (2 terms)7.5%£932.40£75.60
36 hours (3 terms)10.0%£1,360.80£151.20


Our GCSE and A-level group courses take place on a weekly basis.
The groups meet on a set day and time (Mon-Friday after 4 PM or Saturday mornings). When enquiring, please let us know your preferences.

Our groups are small.
There is a maximum of 4 students per group, ensuring that each student receives a good degree of personal attention. 

GCSE & A-level pricing for group tuition

GCSE GermanGCSE SpanishGCSE French
Course length12 x 1 hr12 x 1 hr12 x 1 hr
Total cost
incl. VAT
£290 £290 £290

You can find pricing for our GCSE & A-level tuition on our website.

Summer courses

Additionally, this Summer we’re offering group GCSE and A-level courses (1-to-1 or groups) in French, German and Spanish so that everyone has the chance to catch up following all the disruption over the past academic year.

Groups conducted by professional native teachers will consist of 5 classes of 2-hour sessions (with a 15-minute break) with max. 4 students to ensure that every student can get a good degree of personal attention and has the chance to participate. Our prep group course focuses on all elements of the exam (speaking, writing, reading and listening).

Enquire now and secure your place! Days and times will be discussed with you directly.

Our current students’ experience

The Marlow Language Centre has a proven track record of helping our students achieve their best potential. 

Last November, three MLC students took GCSE exams in German and Italian receiving their results in February. All of our students gained the highest grade possible; Congratulations!