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How many languages do you speak?

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but at The Marlow Language Centre, we are passionate about language learning. Our students and teachers all have an interest in one or multiple foreign languages for various reasons: pleasure, holidays, business and career advancements, etc. However, the UK is not particularly renowned for its enthusiasm for language learning.

We all have heard phrases such as “I’m sure they will speak English at the destination” or “I’m just not good at languages”. But are these valid reasons to avoid making an effort to learn a new language?

Looking at some statistics, the UK ranks as the second worst European country for foreign language proficiency (Statista, 2024). Do Brits lack the confidence to consider themselves proficient in another language, or is there simply a lack of interest in communicating in any language other than English?

In contrast, countries such as Germany and Sweden exceed the EU average. Of course, the drive to learn English in these countries is high, as it offers better career opportunities and has become a standard skill.

At The Marlow Language Centre, we aim to break the stigma of being monolingual in the UK. No more “only English-Speaking Brits”. Language learning offers more than just career advantages; it brings cultures together.

On holiday, you can learn more about the country you are visiting by being able to communicate with the locals. In business settings, you can show your clients how you care and respect their culture by speaking their language and understanding the cultural etiquette.  

So book your assessment class now or sign up for a trial group lesson to start your language journey now!