Learn Portuguese

Classroom-based groups

Learn Portuguese at our centre in Marlow with a professional teacher in a small, interactive group. Ideal if you often holiday in Portugal or have property in Portugal.

Meet the teacher: Andreia

After achieving my bachelor's degree in Languages and Cultures (with a minor in Translation) from the University of Lisbon, I decided to leave the sun behind and move to rainy England. My British experience got loads more colourful when I joined the MLC family in 2021. Here, I started sharing my native tongue and my culture with lovely students who remind me every day why I chose to be a teacher.

Portuguese isn't an easy language to learn (some people even say it sounds like Russian!) but I always make sure my students are comfortable with what we are covering and, most importantly, they are enjoying the ride that is learning a new language! My classes are always full of cultural facts because I truly believe learning the culture is as important as learning the language of a country.

I am a big literature and culture nerd, so reading books and googling facts about different cultures and languages is mostly what I do in my free time. Oh, and sipping a relatively strong coffee, of course!

We run small groups of up to eight people of similar ability, guaranteeing good progress. Generally, we run group Portuguese courses from beginner up to advanced levels. Our group language courses consist of a weekly 90-minute class that runs in conjunction with the school terms:

  • September to December
  • January to March
  • April to July

Our general group courses follow a timetable. However, you also have the option to set up a private group with family and friends where you can set your own day and time.

See the latest groups with available levels and days and times, below. We publish a new group timetable in good time before the start of each term. Please feel free to register your interest at any time – it’s never too soon or too late.

Timetables and prices

Portuguese group courses in Marlow
Autumn term 2024

pre A1
Start date18 Sep 202416 Sep 2024
End date11 Dec 202409 Dec 2024
Course length18 hours18 hours
Cost*, inc VAT£315£315

Course content

Our group courses incorporate all the elements of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course will focus on building your conversational skills as well as developing your listening skills, knowledge of grammar and cultural understanding with the help of a course book.

We also offer one-to-one or one-to-two tuition if you prefer a more intensive and personalised approach.

Unsure of your level?

Read our guide to language proficiency levels to get an idea of your proficiency level.

This guide explains the progressive levels of proficiency. To better understand your own proficiency level, get in touch with us to arrange either a free consultation or a more in-depth initial assessment.

Free consultation

Book a free consultation. The consultation will take about 30 minutes. Our language consultant will recommend the appropriate course for you based on your learning history, discuss your objectives and goals, and answer any questions you may have.

Initial assessment

Or you can opt for a more in-depth initial assessment. In a no-obligation initial 60-minute assessment – charged at £40 – you can meet your teacher, ask questions and get an impression of our teaching methods. The language teacher will assess your level of ability and help you define your learning goals so that we can recommend a language programme that will work for you. If you’re a complete beginner, the assessment will also set some realistic learning objectives and you can get a feel for what language learning is all about.

Trial class

There’s no obligation to book a course once you’ve had your initial assessment. If you decide to go ahead the first lesson takes the form of a free trial class. You don’t commit to a course at this stage. You get to meet your teacher and fellow students and ascertain whether the level is suitable. If you wish to continue for the rest of the term after the trial lesson, we will then ask you for full payment of £315 for the 12-week term for courses.

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