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Private online lessons

Learn German with a professional teacher via Zoom on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis – the most efficient and flexible way to learn a language. A personalised learning experience for you tailored to your specific needs.


Flexible. Classes don’t have to be taken on a fixed day and time.

  • Non-intensive: 1 or 2 x weekly 60- or 90-minute classes
  • Intensive: 2 to 5 hours a day over a 1- to 4-week period

You can take private lessons as either one-to-one or one-to-two tutorials, should you have a partner or friend who’s also interested.


Take private lessons at times to suit you, Monday to Friday 07:30-20:00, Saturday 09:00-14:00. You can cancel and reschedule at 24 hours’ notice.


One-to-one and one-to-two online German courses are suitable for:

  • General German, holiday German
  • GCSE or A level German tutoring
  • Business German
  • German, Austrian or Swiss holiday home owners
  • Relocation to Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Exam prep for Goethe-Zertifikat (A1-C2)


Why not get the ball rolling by booking an online assessment which will enable you to:

  • Meet the teacher
  • Gain an understanding of your proficiency level
  • Plan your personal learning objectives

We can offer you a one-off 60-minute online assessment at £40. If you then decide to take a course of lessons we ask you to commit to a six-hour block as a minimum, and we offer a discount on block bookings of 12 to 100 hours. Just call us to book a suitable day and time or fill in the contact form.


German private tuition online

  • Assessment: £40 including VAT
  • Hourly rate: £45 including VAT (£37.50 net)
6 hours-£270-
12 hours2.5%£526£14
18 hours5.0%£769£41
24 hours7.5%£999£81
36 hours8.5%£1,482£138
48 hours10.0%£1,944£216
72 hours12.5%£2,835£405
100 hours15.0%£3,825£675

German private tuition online

  • Assessment: £40 including VAT
  • Hourly rate: £48 including VAT (£40 net)
  • These are the total prices for two students (not the price each).
6 hours-£288-
12 hours2.5%£562£12
18 hours5.0%£821£36
24 hours7.5%£1,066£72
36 hours8.5%£1,582£122
48 hours10.0%£2,074£192
72 hours12.5%£3,024£360
100 hours15.0%£4,080£600

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Meet the teachers: Victoria

Meet the teachers: Tobias

I am German but have lived in the UK since 1992 and have been teaching German at the Marlow Language Centre for over ten years. My belief is that no two students are the same and therefore, all teaching has to be student-centred and address the preferred learning style of every student. I am fully flexible and teach students:

  • Whatever they need, from GCSE, A level, business German to conversational German
  • Whenever they want to be taught, seven days a week from the crack of dawn to sunset and beyond
  • Wherever they wish to be taught: at the Language Centre, at work or at home
  • However they wish to learn: face to face, in a group, or on Zoom

It fills me with great satisfaction when students improve their linguistic skills and gain confidence. So, if you want to progress from 2 Bier bitte to standing your ground in a fully fledged academic discussion in German, you know what to do.