Learn a language online or in the classroom – you choose

At The Marlow Language Centre we provide tuition and courses in English and foreign languages for adults and children – for private individuals and for business and corporate clients. Based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, we can offer socially distanced face-to-face, classroom-based lessons for students living or staying in the area, or live online courses via Zoom for you in your home or workplace wherever you are.

Our translation department operates worldwide and offers you a translating and interpreting service between English and virtually any language you’re likely to need.

Live online language courses

All our one-to-one and group language courses are now available in the form of live online classes. If you’ve always wanted to learn a language but felt like you’ve never had the time, now is the time. There are no excuses.

We’re offering a free initial consultation enabling you to meet the teacher, familiarise yourself with the online platform, and get a feel for what language learning is all about. There’s no obligation to book a course once you’ve taken your free consultation. It’s easy to book. Just tell us which language you want to try, and state your preferred day and time, and we’ll schedule the consultation with a member of our teaching team.

Video intro: The Marlow Language Centre

Why choose us?

Small groups

Small, carefully chosen groups. You can benefit from the cost savings of group tuition without the problems that can arise from mixed-ability groups because we will not place you in a group with people whose ability is way above or below your own.

Language specialists

We are specialists. We are all language enthusiasts. Most of the people in our team originate from countries outside the UK or have lived extensively in other countries. Languages are all we do. We’re not a generalist teaching organisation.

Unique teaching team

A varied team of teachers. Our teachers are qualified in both linguistics and teaching. And we don’t just have one teacher for each language. For most languages we employ a number of teachers and, where possible, we have two or more teachers running a course so that you benefit from a variety of teaching styles.

Charming, convenient location

Charming and convenient location. Marlow is a beautiful, semi-rural setting not far from London. And we offer you free on-site parking.

Free initial consultation

We care about you. We’re happy to offer a free consultation where a language consultant can recommend the appropriate course for you, based on your learning history, discuss your objectives and goals and answer any questions you may have.

Assessment lessons

Find exactly what you need. We can start you off with a no-obligation initial 60-minute assessment – a single chargeable lesson so that you can meet your teacher, ask questions and see what you think of us. We’ll assess your level of ability and help you define your learning goals so that we can recommend a language programme that will work for you.

No enrolment fee

We don’t charge you an enrolment fee. You pay only for the lessons you book.