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Meet the teachers: Jean-Michel

Meet the teachers: Sophie

I have over 10 years of experience as a French teacher and joined the MLC in 2013. Previously I worked as a teaching assistant in Peru and helped children at primary and secondary levels to learn English and French. I have always had a passion for languages and for discovering different cultures. I speak fluent English, Spanish and learned Arabic for 5 years. I studied Ibero-American civilisation at the Sorbonne university in Paris where I obtained a degree. I teach French to all levels, in the private and corporate sectors. I love teaching, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing how fast your students progress and achieve excellent results. Teaching and personal interaction in one-to-one or small groups are of great value to me! I am very enthusiastic, passionate, funny, creative and sociable. I am a nature lover and love photography in my spare time. I am looking forward to pursuing this amazing experience with you if you are willing to immerse yourself in a French journey with me.

Meet the teachers: Vanessa

Foreign languages are something I have grown up with – I spoke German before I spoke English, graduated in French and Spanish from Bristol University and moved into a career in international finance. After a period living in Lyon, France with my family we returned to the UK. I passed my CELTA English Teacher’s qualification and have been teaching French as well as English as a Foreign Language at the MLC since September 2018. My youngest student is nine and my oldest is 100!

I love helping people learn languages. Everyone learns differently and it’s so important to find out what works for them – it’s not just about grammar, verbs and sentences, it’s also about rhythm, sounds, trying things out and not being afraid to get things wrong. It’s about finding out why someone wants to learn and then helping them achieve their goal, whether it is converting a barn in France, making themselves understood in a foreign culture, interacting with business colleagues, or being more confident to look after children in a UK family. And it should be fun, a class where students look forward to coming, meeting others or concentrating on improving their own skills. If I can achieve that then it makes my day! Merci and thank you!

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