Language Lockdown – Get your MLC voucher now!

Want to enhance your lockdown experience? Look no further than our November Lockdown Deal! Let’s face it there is a limit to how much you can binge-watch on Netflix. So, when you’re not watching your favourite foreign language shows why not learn a new language or develop existing language skills prior to your next trip abroad?

What voucher options are available?

Prices apply for online classes ( during & after lockdown) and face-to-face tuition (post-lockdown) here at the Centre in Marlow. 

During November you’ll automatically receive an additional FREE 60 minute 1 to 1 lesson when booking 6 or 12 hours!

FREE 30 minute 1 to 1 online trial classes available in November as well.

Private tuition
1 hour£40£48
3 hours£120£144
6 hours£240£288
12 hours
incl. 2.5% discount
18 hours
incl. 5% discount
24 hours
incl. 7.5% discount

Group tuitionHours***Costs*Available
Half term 9 hours in total
(6 sessions of 1,5 hrs)
Full term18 hours in total
(12 sessions of 1,5hrs)

All our foreign language courses are conducted by a native speaker which allow you to interact with a real person who is an expert of the language and culture!

*Prices inclusive of VAT
**Prices inclusive of fee for 2 people
***Dates depend on our timetables which you can find on our individual language pages

Learn SpanishGermanItalianSwedishRussianPolishFrenchJapaneseMandarinTurkishetc. 

Who is the voucher for?

anyone who is going to sit a GCSE or A Level foreign language exam

anyone looking to improve their job prospects 

anyone looking to enrich their travel experience

anyone looking to relocate abroad

just because it is fun to learn a language 

– “I just want to be able to speak in the correct tenses”

– “Excellent teachers, pushing us the right amount but always fun!”

– “I passed the exam! After this, I know I can improve to the next level. Thank you so much.”

How can one redeem the voucher?

Simply contact The Marlow Language Centre via email, over the phone and tell us what language/voucher option you’re interested in. 

Private tuition: Take private lessons at times to suit you, Monday to Friday 07:30-20:00, Saturday 09:00-14:00. You can cancel and reschedule at 24 hours’ notice. Classes don’t have to be taken on a fixed day and time.

Group tuition:
We run small groups of up to five people of similar ability, guaranteeing good progress. Generally, we run Foreign language group courses from beginner up to advanced levels. Our group language courses consist of a weekly 90-minute class that runs in conjunction with the school terms: September to December; January to March; April to July. Our general group courses follow a timetable. However, you also have the option to set up a private group with family and friends where you can set your own day and time. See the latest groups with available levels and days and times on the individual language page. 

Terms and Conditions
1. Gift Vouchers have to be redeemed by 31/12/2021
2. Gift Vouchers cannot be refunded
3. Gift vouchers are subject to The Marlow Language Centre’s terms and conditions