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Case study: German Business Language Course

A few words will take you a long way!

At the Marlow Language Centre, we often hear from prospective students about the difficulties they’ve encountered trying to learn a foreign language via self-study methods. Language learning apps have their use but limitations as well. If you want to learn how to drive, you need to have an instructor. The same applies to learning a foreign language, especially to Business Language Courses. A trainer can prepare you for the real thing like communicating with native speakers and portraying the business culture. Ultimately, when you travel abroad on holiday or for business you want to make yourself understood and most importantly understand what the locals say to you.

It is so rewarding to have great feedback from our students and we would like to pay tribute to our German colleague Marion. Amar, one of her students, was particularly looking for an effective technique that enabled him to develop his linguistic skills through personalised training and interaction. He opted for 1:1 tuition and he has been coming to our centre for 6 months, twice a week to learn German. Marion, his teacher, splits each lesson by first teaching core grammatical concepts and then reinforcing these concepts with the use of the language in a business context.

Business German Language Course

Amar has been making regular progress as he can put into practice what he has learned in class and communicate with his German colleagues in their own language. All his business e-mails are written in German, and he is now able to discuss all matters of business activity including logistics (i.e. raising orders, asking for expedited deliveries) and financing (i.e. talking about changes in prices on invoices). His linguistic achievement has resulted in the development of a stronger working relationship.

To be able to interact and communicate in a target language is more important than anything else. Like Marion, Amar’s German teacher, all our language tutors will make you speak as much as you possibly can during your classes. Your pronunciation will also be monitored, and if you struggle with some difficult sounds, this will be addressed.

If like Amar, you are looking to improve your linguistic skills and professional performance, our international team of language trainers will advise you on the best ways to make progress. A few words will take you a long way!  

Thank you, Marion!