Black Friday

Black Friday sale – double discounts on all courses

Black Friday sale - double discounts on all courses

To celebrate Black Friday week we are making an exclusive offer from 18 to 30 November: if you book and pay for a one-to-one or tutorial course within this period you will receive double the usual discount.

This means that if you book a 12-hour course for example, rather than the usual 5% discount, you receive a 10% discount – meaning a whopping £54 saving.

Courses available in French, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, and English as a foreign language (EFL).

To take advantage of this special Black Friday offer, phone +44 (0)1628 890516, email or use the contact form. Be sure to include the phrase "Black Friday" in your message.


6 hours –£270 –
12 hours10%£486£54
24 hours15%£918£162
36 hours20%£1,296£324
48 hours25%£1,620£540
60 hours30%£1,890£810
72 hours35%£2,106£1,134
100 hours40%£2,700£1,800

Two students together (tutorial, one-to-two)

6 hours –£312.00 –
12 hours10%£561.60£62.40
24 hours15%£1,060.80£187.20
36 hours20%£1,497.60£374.40
48 hours25%£1,872.00£624.00
60 hours30%£2,184.00£936.00
72 hours35%£2,433.60£1310.40
100 hours40%£3,120.00£2,080.00

Compare these to our usual prices and see how much you are saving by comparison!

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